March 16, 2017


noun [treyl-hed] (tral’hed’) The point where a trail starts. The place where a trail begins. The beginning of a trail [syn: trail head]

Trailhead Bike Co.

“Where your ride begins…”

Trailhead Bike Co. has been established since 2004. Back then we were the only bike shop on the entire Surf Coast and we are still the only bike shop on the iconic Great Ocean Road.

Our goals were and still are simple: to create a business that provides our customers with the best bicycle products and services, and to promote mountain biking and advocate for mountain bike access on the Surf Coast between Anglesea, Aireys Inlet and Lorne.

We realised early on, through our passion for mountain biking, that the Surf Coast, and in particular Anglesea, has the potential to become a Mecca for our sport if world class trails can be developed. With the most beautiful beaches, accommodation, restaurants and shops (especially an awesome bike shop), Anglesea offers riders the whole package unlike any other destination.

Fast forward and we are well on the way to realising our vision with the Anglesea Bike Park 4X, Dirt Jumps and skills trails now up and running. Designed by legendary trail builder Glen Jacobs, the Anglesea Bike Park has set the benchmark for future trail development on the Surf Coast.  Most recently the trails between Anglesea and Hurst Road have been officially approved by Parks Victoria.

A little publicised fact: You can ride your bikes on the Currawong Falls track.

Like most websites we, are trying to sell you something! Yes we would love you to buy our great bikes from Cannondale, GT, Schwinn and Mongoose plus all the other bike stuff you need. But more so we want to sell you on the mountain bike lifestyle (and bicycling lifestyle in general) and all the things that go with it: Great bikes, great rides, great friendships and joining us in becoming advocates for the development of world class trails.

So if you like, treat this website as our way of keeping in touch with you about all the latest goings on down here in Anglesea be it new trails, events, rides or working bees. And by the way, if you are looking for that new sweet ride, bit of bling for your bike or need something fixed (like CADEL!!!) come and see us about that too.

See you on the trails…