March 16, 2017

Trail Advocacy & Maps

Trail Advocacy is all about working with land managers and demonstrating that properly constructed mountain bike trails and mountain biking in itself has minimal impact on the environment.

Trailhead Bike Co., The Anglesea Bike Park Committee of Management and Surfcoast Trail Group are actively campaigning for the further development of mountain bike trails beyond the Anglesea Bike Park.

If you are interested, please visit the Surfcoast Trail Group facebook page and sign up to their newsletter. Happily, cooperation between land managers and riders is moving forward in a positive direction. Surfcoast Trail Group aims to provide a unified professional front for riders in the process, and to keep everyone up to date on the discussions and reviews.

Trail Advocacy is every mountain bikers’ responsibility.

Have a look at MTBA’s & IMBA’s websites or contact us to find out more about trail advocacy.

Mountain Bike Australia

International Mountain Bike Association

Anglesea Trail Maps


Eumeralla MTB Trails including GPS Layer

Eumaralla Trails

Camp Road Trails

Forrest MTB Trails including GPS Layer

You Yangs Regional Park – Stockyards Mountain Bike Area GPS

You Yangs Regional Park – Kurrajong Mountain Bike Area GPS