March 16, 2017

Lube your chain

The biggest mistake riders make is using too much lube. You are not only wasting expensive lube but you will create a grinding paste which will quickly wear out your chain, cassette, chainrings & derailleur jockey wheels. Replacing these parts is going to cost you heaps.

Our lube of choice is Rock “N” Roll Gold Lube. A drop of this stuff on every roller link on your chain every 2-3 rides (every ride if you are into your chain) is all you need.


After application spin the chain around about 6 times. Then wipe off the excess by spinning a couple of times while holding rag around the chain. Done!

It’s a good idea to give your chain a wipe with a rag before you apply lube if you want a really clean result. If your chain is really dirty you can use a bit of turps, metho or eucalyptus oil on a rag to clean it up at a pinch. For best results you can buy chain cleaners (they clamp around the chain and run it through several brushes) and bio-degreasers from us too.

Rock “N” Roll Miracle Red Degreaser is the bomb!!!!